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Cessna Citation Bravo Light Cabin Aircraft

Moving from Light Cabin to Mid Size Cabin Aircraft

Owning a private aircraft opens endless opportunities within the realm of travel and business. A very important question one might ask is what category aircraft one must purchase to accommodate their needs, a light cabin aircraft or a mid size cabin aircraft. Many would believe that a light cabin aircraft would accommodate the average passenger. However, with limited movement and short flight time, mid-size cabin aircraft may be the way to go. These aircraft provide greater comfort and significantly more freedom for nonstop flights.

Private Jet Charter vs Jet Aircraft Ownership

Private Jet Charter vs Aircraft Ownership

When considering the purchase of an aircraft, most would assume the number of hours flown throughout a given year should be the deciding factor. However, aircraft ownership should be dependent on the particular use of the aircraft. Commercial travel is very strenuous and as time goes on, people tend to avoid the inconvenience of commercial flight. Not only […]

Falcon 50 EX For Sale

Blackbird Aero Brings Beautiful 1982 Falcon 50 EX to the Market

A French built masterpiece, the Dassault Falcon 50 was created due the the high demand in long range flights throughout the world. First taking flight in November of 1976, the Falcon 50 brought a revolutionary breakthrough with its use of supercritical wing, giving the aircraft excellence high lift characteristics. Consequently, aircraft with this wing have […]