The Art Of Ownership With Blackbird Jets

Determining the correct aircraft make and model is the key to a successful aircraft ownership experience.

What is the first step in purchasing a private aircraft?
We recommend the first step to having a successful ownership experience is to clearly define your anticipation of usage i.e.:
  • Where do you envision traveling from and to?
  • How many people will you need seating for?
  • How much luggage space will you require?
  • Is arriving non-stop a requirement?
Once these basic parameters are defined, we can then identify if a Light, Mid or Heavy size and more specifically, what model private aircraft is best suited for your needs.
How does one go about obtaining a budget for purchase?
Once model options have been discussed and decided upon, we provide our clients a customized annual proforma budget based upon their anticipated usage. Our personalized budgets include forecasts that consider fuel, crew, maintenance, insurance, required subscriptions as well as managing your future aircraft.
What are the major differences if I elect to operate my aircraft Part 91 (Non-Commercial) or Part 135 (Commercial) to offset the fixed cost of ownership?
Aircraft are operated either purely private or a mix of private and commercial usage. Aircraft that are utilized solely for the owner’s business or personal usage are managed and operated in compliance with FAA Part 91. Corporate aircraft are also capable of producing a revenue stream to offset cost of ownership through chartering. In these circumstances, an aircraft is managed and operated under a more restrictive section of the FAA known as Part 135. This option allows owners who may not need the aircraft to be on stand by, are lighter users of the plane or simply prefer to offset some of the fixed costs associated with owning a corporate aircraft to do so.
What are some of the tax advantages that a buyer can obtain?
There are considerable tax advantages to owning an aircraft; our experts present options for each customer on an individual basis. The cornerstone is, aircraft not used to generate revenue are able to have depreciable over five years, while aircraft used for mixed personal and to generate revenue are depreciable over seven years. If owned by your business, you’re entitled to Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery system (MACRS) depreciation.
It’s time to trade out, how does one determine resale value for my aircraft?
It’s necessary to look past their beauty and complexity, when it’s distilled down the truth is, aircraft are a commodity. We are able to identify an aircraft’s specific value based on a blend of model, age, time on the aircraft, options, condition and recent trades.
What are some of the services owners can obtain at Blackbird Aero?
We offer consultation and procurement services to ensure acquisition of correct make and model to fit your needs, and then assist throughout the entire transaction to ownership. We advise on structuring your ownership, ensuring your position is as advantageous as possible considering taxation and liability. After the sale, we offer personalized full service aircraft management services. We provide and manage pilots, their training, organize maintenance, procure insurance and keep your aircraft and it’s records in compliance with FAA and manufacturer’s requirements. As professional pilots ourselves, we’ve personally operated everything from turboprop aircraft throughout the Caribbean to Learjet, Challenger, Gulfstream, Airbus 319, 320, 321 and Boeing 757 & 767 aircraft around the world. Our hands on backgrounds enable us to anticipate operational, regulatory and market shifts. This level of understanding provides security to our clients that their asset they’ve worked so hard for is in good hands. Whether you are an aircraft owner looking to understand the market for your aircraft, curious about how another model will operationally and financially compare to your current plane or a first time buyer, we pride ourselves on genuine personalized service and letting our passion for aviation earn and keep your business.
Why would someone to purchase their own plane rather than charter?
There are two conclusions that lead a perspective owner to buy. The first is purely economical. If a client is already buying nearly 100 or more hours a year of charter, the math justifies taking an serious look at owning. Secondly, those who choose to own where economics are not the leading factor. Some choose to buy and own because the lure of private and personal aircraft have been a life goal. Ancillary benefits not available though chartering such as tax depreciation, knowing your own crewmembers, personalizing your aircraft and pride in ownership help make the choice to buy appealing to many.

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